The Newton Municipal School District has as its mission to create socially, economically, and technologically productive world citizens by teaching them to 

think, reason, and use a variety of techniques to adapt to the challenges of society.


  • To create a challenging, supportive educational environment that results in higher levels of achievement for all students

  • To hold everyone in the organization accountable for contributing to the educational bottom line, student achievement

  • To create an organizational culture that treats its people as its most valuable resource, invests in their growth and development, and encourages risk-taking consistent with the organizations mission and beliefs

  • To create within the total community a sense of ownership of the schools and a belief that a quality public school system is an investment in the continued growth and prosperity of the city


Superintendent: Dr. Virginia Young /
High School Principal: Shernise Wilson /
N.H. Middle School Principal: Melanie Hamrick /
Elementary School Principal: Kay Killens /
Newton Career Center Director: Tracy Dearing /
Federal Programs: Cola Shelby /
Business Manager: 
Payroll Clerk: Delaine Sanford /
Transportation: David Irby /
Talent Search: 
Accounts Payable: Shaunte Watts /
MSIS Coordinator: Marie Jones /
Special Services: Natasha Page /
Food Service: Pam Cox /
Technology Services: Tracy Dearing/