Superintendent: Dr. Nola Bryant

Calandra Curry: Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Accountability
Cola Shelby: Federal Programs/Human Resources
Shernise Wilson: High School Principal 
Dr. Sharon Hoye: N.H. Middle School Principal
Kay Killens: Elementary School Principal
Melanie Hamrick: Newton Career Center Director
Dianne Duke: Business Manager
David Irby: Transportation
Veronica Phillips: Accounts Payable
Shaunte Watts:Human Resources
Marie Brantley: MSIS Coordinator
Natasha Page: Special Services
Pam Cox:Food Service
Billie Ulmer: Technology Services


President: Mrs. Levera Chapman /
Vice President: Mr. Artie Nelson /    
Secretary: Mrs. Shannon Moore /
Asst. Secretary: Mrs. Alice Dawkins-Hopson /
Member: Ms. Jhaddaka Leverette /