"B" Rated School

Dear Students and Parents:

I want to welcome you to N. H. Pilate Middle School! I am thrilled that you have taken time to review the website and find out more about what N. H. Pilate can offer you.

As a student at Pilate Middle, you will consistently be encouraged to achieve your highest potential. This message will come from teachers, coaches, administrators, and even fellow students. The administration, faculty and staff at N. H. Pilate Middle are committed to providing the best educational services for our students. Our goals are fairly simple:  
    • Provide the academic rigor and relevance necessary for continued success into high school and beyond.  
    • Emphasize character education and good citizenship for all students.  
    • Offer quality co-curricular programs that allow students to utilize their middle school years as a time to participate in a variety of programs and explore their individual interests.

As a result, our goal is to ensure that the resources you need to reach individual goals and objectives are provided each day. However, a successful middle school requires discipline, organization, focus and commitment. As you grow from a young adolescent to a young adult, our expectations for you will grow as well. Keep in mind that our academic and career expectations are high. All students have a right to learn at N. H. Pilate Middle, and we're proud of the overall respect students continue to show one another.

We are extremely proud of the learning environment that has been created at N. H. Pilate Middle School. On behalf of the entire N. H. Pilate Middle School community, thank you for taking an interest in our school and we anticipate great things to happen here at Pilate!

Please browse the links provided for further information regarding our school and district. However, if additional information is needed, feel free to contact the school @ (601) 683-3926.


Dr. Gregory Stephens, Principal           



  N. H. Pilate Middle School

 521 East Church Street, Newton, MS 39345

Phone: 601-683-3926                       Fax: 601-683-7139
Dr. Gregory Stephens , Principal          Office Manager: Ms. Athea Bender