Have a Great Summer!                       


Dear Upcoming 6th - 8th Grade Students and Parents,

         We love to help students develop and/or maintain a love of reading, which is why we are requesting that each student read at least one fiction book of his/her choice for summer reading.
         We have provided some suggested titles that have been pulled from lists of award winners, as well as student and teacher favorites. Students do not have to choose a book from the list; however, they can do so if they desire. 
         Summer reading books can come from the public library, a bookstore, a friend, a bookshelf at home, etc. Just remember that students will need a copy of the book when school starts back if they decided to wait to the beginning of the school year to test on the book. Students may come to the school during school hours to test on the book. A list will be compiled for Tiger Bucks in the fall.
       We are extremely excited to extend this opportunity of free choice for summer reading and hope that the students will embrace this freedom. We also hope that students do not limit their reading to just one book, but we will only ask them to complete assignments on one. Reading over the summer will be a highlight of the new school year!

Happy Reading!



Summer Break - May 25 - August 4, 2018
Students Return - August 6, 2018
N. H. Pilate Middle School Summer Reading List

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