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Special Services Every student Every day

The Newton Municipal School District Special Services Department is responsible for all student educational needs relating to the areas of Special Education, Section 504, and Gifted Education. 

Special Education- The Newton Municipal School District Special Services Department participates with the Mississippi Department of Education to identify, locate, and evaluate children through ages 21 who have health impairments or physical, mental, communicative, and/or emotional disabilities.  The Special Services Department serves children ages 3-21 with identified disabilities through a continuum of services at each grade level and school. Currently, the Special Services Department has 12 teachers including 2 speech-language pathologists serving approximately 135 students. Services include inclusion, resource, self-contained, community-based programs, transition/behavior classes, a developmentally delayed preschool program, multi-disabled classes, and homebound services. The high school offers two diploma options for special needs students: traditional high school diploma and a certificate of attendance.  The middle school has a behavioral health counselor who offers individual and group counseling.  Meeting individual student needs is the goal of the Special Services Department.

Section 504 - Students with qualifying disabilities may be eligible for 504 plans.  Please contact the Special Services Department for questions regarding Section 504.

Gifted Education- Gifted Education programs are offered for grades 2-6 for eligible students.  All first graders are screened for gifted eligibility and referrals can be made by teachers, parents, or students.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the services that we offer, please feel free to stop by for a visit or contact us at: 

203 West First St., Newton, Mississippi 39345Phone: (601) 683.3275    Fax: (601) 683.3029

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