Principal Belinda McCune, Newton Elementary School

Principal Belinda McCune is a 1998 graduate of Union High School. In 2000, she earned an Associates Degree from East Central Community College. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 2010 from Mississippi State University. In 2018, Principal McCune graduated with Honors from American Public University.

Principal McCune gained valuable educational experience in the Scott County School District (SCSD) where she worked for 10 years. While with SCSD, she served as a teacher and lead teacher/assistant principal. At Lake Elementary, she was honored with the Teacher of the Year distinction. She went on to become the Scott County School District Teacher of the Year as well.

Principal McCune is incredibly grateful and excited to be Newton Elementary's new principal. She is dedicated to building a strong academic program to ensure high performance and succes for the Newton Elementary students. She is married to Mr. LaSalle McCune. They have four children: LaSalle, LaChelsie, LaKayla, and Tamara. They also have one grandson, Lakeland.